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Dry Lips

  Are your lips drying out and are you experiencing chapped lips during the colder months?

While brushing your teeth lightly brush over your lips this will remove the dead skin and allow the lips to heal faster. Follow with your lip conditioner.

Recommended Conditioning Product: Jessica Dominique Lollie Musk Lip Balm or Peach Treatment Gloss.




                             Cold Creams

To cool and calm hot and bothered summer skin, try storing your moisturisers and body lotions in the fridge. A chilly facial moisturiser can also offer some nice
pore-tightening benefits. If you suffer from puffy eyes, also consider stashing your eye gels and balms in the fridge – this will enhance their soothing and deflating powers.



Eye Cream Application

Apply a half a pea size amount of your eye cream with your ring finger just above your cheekbones around your eye contours with a gentle quick patting motion. Your ring finger will also exert the least amount of force, also saving your sensitive eye skin from being tugged or pulled. Continue around up to the outside of your inner eyesockets and up on to the outside of your browbone. Lighlty sweep over your eyelid touching your lashes.This will keep your eyelashes nice and conditioned.

Recommended Product: Jessica Dominique Care for Eyes.



Banish Cellulite

 Sick of having unwanted cellulite? Easily fixed!

Roll over your skin with a Derma Roller to soften the skin and open your pores right up. Mix together some ground coffee beans with some olive oil and then rub and massage it into the area. Rinse off in the shower with warm water. Keep it up and you should have smooth skin in know time.. Guaranteed!



Beauty Sleep

Your body including your skin, repairs and renews itself while you sleep. You need at least 8hrs to avoid puffiness, bags and a dull complexion. Plus, the hormones your body produces when it's sleep deprived may slow collagen production in the skin, which speeds up the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin. So remember to help your skin when it is at its most stimulated by giving it a good cleanse and moisturise before bed. Ps. Also remember you are never to young to begin! Prevention is better than cure!

Recommended Products Before Bed: Cleanser, Toning Mist, Serum, Night Cream and Eye Cream.