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Gift Vouchers



Gift Vouchers are available for purchase at Jessica's Beauty Therapy & can either be made-out for a dollar value or you can allocate a specific treatment or package.

Jessica's Beauty Therapy Gift Vouchers are valid for 6 months.

They can be used on salon treatments or salon retail. If you would like a Gift Voucher for purely retail visit to order.

Salon Gift Vouchers can also be ordered online. Visit the online Web Store to start ordering a gift voucher via PayPal or simply just fill in the form below for a bank deposit:
(Gift Vouchers available in the Web Store are for dollar values only and are sent out blank for your preparation. If you would like the Gift Voucher for a treatment or package then you must fill in the form below.)
*Would you like the voucher for?
A dollar value or
A treatment/s or package
*Would you like a price list included?
*Would you like to?
Pick-up the Gift Voucher or
Have the Gift Voucher sent-out
If your having the Gift Voucher sent out who should Jessica's Beauty Therapy send it to?
You the purchaser or
The Gift Vouchers recipient

An email receipt will be sent to you shortly along with Jessica's Beauty Therapy payment details. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE- Gift Vouchers can take between two-four working days to receive, and will not be sent out until payment is received, thank you.