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Having worked in the beauty industry for ten years I have used and sampled many different cosmetic products. Through this experimentation and experience I have taken a personal interest in cataloguing a variety of different cosmetic ingredients and their benefits. Over the years I have asked myself questions like “what would I apply to my skin and what would I avoid?” and “what benefits do certain ingredients have and how could I use them to create innovative, nourishing products?” At the core of my research I would always ask myself “what really works?”

As many of you will know the skin is actually an organ and is the largest organ of the human body so it’s very important to take good care of it. Not only does the skin protect us from environmental contaminants and nourish us through the production of Vitamin D it also comprises a huge part of our appearance. As the old saying goes:

“If we look good; we feel good!”

Taking into careful consideration the safety of ingredients and of course expense I devoted many hours to the research of cosmetic components and their role in the creation of my products. I was motivated in my research by the fact that no two skins are exactly alike. We all have different skin types and therefore different care requirements. I feel that I have discovered and am still discovering the most quality ingredients available to create modern and unique care cosmetics.

Today I am still slowly but surely working towards developing an expansive range of cosmetics to accommodate each person’s individual needs. I decided to create Jessica Dominique Cosmetics to share my discoveries so far and to offer affordable, natural and specialized cosmetics.

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$20.00 125mls
$33.00 250mls
$20.00 125mls
$33.00 250mls

$8.95 Clear
$9.95 Tinted Black or Tan
$3.95 Tube
$6.95 Pot