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 Jessica's Beauty Therapy has a wide range of false eyelashes available including a range of fashion lashes. You can purchase these lashes either in the salon or on the Online Web Store  either to take home for your own application along with the glue, glue remover and applicators (for more information about the applicators visit the WASP Eyelash Applicator page on this website) or you can make an appointment to visit the salon to get the lashes professionally applied. These lashes are re-usable.
Visit the Salon Price List link for application prices.

Please note: False Eyelash prices vary. Some lashes are $12.00 and some are $16.00. Click on the prices to find out which lashes are that price. 


Current Eyelashes Available:


 To view the pictures in a larger format please visit this link:
Current Eyelashes Available

 Lashes available can vary from time to time. Have a look at the Photo Gallery at some other lashes possibly available or if there is a particular type or style that you are looking for email